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What’s a word to describe the paradigm of an individual or institution? Tyler Cowen recently uses ‘orientation’ when referring to journals, so perhaps that’s best. I’m wondering if it’s worth having a meta-level lexicon for orientations to help clarify the lens through which we input media. The NY Times – Fox News continuum is somewhat […]


Paddy is on his way to visit John Kahm, who is living his final hours after being diagnosed with a terminal illness last year. I’ve recently argued that part of letting go involves recognizing our own impotence. With two fierce daughters at home, I think of the times when I’m too preoccupied by the shortcomings […]

Top of mind

The desire for connection is a strong one for me. I seek a state of openness where I can be receptive to the connections that seem to appear as energy of some form or another. Part of this state of openness is taking action on random thoughts that bubble to the surface; thinking of someone? […]

Central banking

Adam Tooze’s article on the myth of central bank independence sure does make it feel like every aspect of our lives is politicized. I personally enjoyed the myth of central bank independence and find the open politicization of central banks to be great if you’re of the same political ideology but horrible otherwise. I’d imagine […]

Educational pods

What is the optimal size for a learning cohort that offers positive returns to social interaction but allows for distancing? Dunbar’s number is 150. Average student/teacher ratio is 16. A military squad is 8-12 people. CDC’s number for gatherings in times of COVID is 10. So, 10? Could a system of 10 people in a […]