boulder the world

I have a dream where I can bring shoes and a chalk bag and be able to find a boulder to climb wherever I am. One can dream, right?

In this dream, there are bouldering pads available for rent near any bouldering area. Beta is easily accessed through a marketplace where NFTs or some other blockchain tech enable the market to be transparent. A global cooperative exists to support the bouldering community, educating and promoting conservation of bouldering areas through funds generated from the sale of beta.

Bouldering can be a solo pursuit, a group effort, or a way to connect with random strangers. Hiking through the hills to look for new lines is a labor of love, some people embrace it while others just want to show up and climb.

Imagine an app where adventurous first ascensionists can quickly and easily document their problems: snap a photo, draw a line for the route, store with geolocation and a description in a couple of taps. This information then takes the form of an NFT which can be kept private, shared publicly, or sold. If another adventuring soul happens to walk to the same boulder, they will be able to see if it’s been climbed before (even if the first ascensionist has it marked as private) but only when in proximity to the boulder.

Mountain Project has been a huge resource for the climbing community, providing beta and access information in quantities never before seen. However, there is a reticence on the part of developers to share their info for free, if at all, which is where BTW can provide an alternative. By setting a market price for information and encouraging climbers to check in at various locations we can attempt to spread the impact of boulderers and seek to lessen the crowds at popular areas.