21 good things from 2021

  1. Winter. The start to winter was fantastical; from climbing temps in December to full on blizzard conditions in a week. Excellent transition!
  2. Family. The blizzard meant my parents stayed a couple of extra days through the holidays, having them around for playing with grandkids and snow removal was quite fun.
  3. Books. It was a great year to read the Expanse series with the 9th and final book released in November. High quality. Also of note was the Overstory, American Republics and Mastermind.
  4. Bouldering. 2021 was the year I fell in love with the process of bouldering. Working ‘Formula Une’ for multiple sessions with incremental progress without a send was still very rewarding.
  5. Bouldering Project. Having the Hailey Bouldering gym come to fruition in a relatively short timeline was a highlight for sure. Getting a project to completion from concept with the help of the community was fantastic.
  6. Community. From bouldering to parenting to close friends, it was another year to be grateful for those that are near and dear.
  7. Generosity. Really, truly, incredible to see philanthropists at work in the final year of the CARES act. Being able to sit in on meetings where huge sums of money were given to unsuspecting recipients is an honor and a pleasure.
  8. Daughter (elder). Everyone says to appreciate every phase of the process, so I do! Watching C interact, learn and grow has been awesome, and her empathy is heartwarming. So proud.
  9. Daughter (younger). This little firecracker of a 3 year old is still hilarious, and happy to hold her own with big sis. Giving Unky a cat for Christmas was a highlight, for sure. So proud.
  10. Mindfulness. Also, a process, but continued interaction at Flourish and emphasis on the benefits (see Mastermind, in 3.) makes me love the process.
  11. Transcendence. Related to mindfulness, but more about experiences that transcend. Being in the Pio Yurt with a group of guys having a transcendental experience left positive lasting impressions.
  12. Travel. It was easy to say that the lack of logisticizing in 2020 made it easy to skip travel, almost as easy as it is to say that travel in 2021 was awesome. Exploring new parts of the world is always a good idea.
  13. Fall. The colors lasted a loooooooong time, were gorgeous, and a provided a solid connection (pun intended) to #11.
  14. Revelations. Not like endtimes, like realizations. ‘Personal responsibility’ weighs heavy in pandemic eras, but recognition of a few basic principles about myself and the ways I relate to the world around me make life feel richer. Here’s hoping for many more in 2022.
    1. Not all lessons have to be hard.
    2. If you keep noticing that something isn’t getting done like you think it should, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do it.
    3. Action begets action, more specifically action with some appropriately timed discussion begets action
  15. Craft. What started as #ronaprojects are now becoming regular activities in woodworking. Spoons and fishing nets, so far, but having a workbench full of tools at my disposal makes for much more productive sessions.
  16. AK. Fishing the salmon run in the POW was eye opening. Seeing the sheer abundance of nature was an powerful experience.
  17. HI. The more I travel to this place, the more I appreciate it. Finicky bonefish, endless surf, bountiful fruits, there are lots of reasons to keep coming back.
  18. CA. Filling the freezer with rockfish fillets should be an annual mission. Doing so with Dad and brother makes it much more fulfilling. Citrus, avocados and produce, the more I think about the place, the more it seems important to keep visiting.
  19. Work. The fact that I’m continually happy to get to the office is a blessing in and of itself.
  20. Growth. Even when the lessons aren’t hard, the feeling of acquiring wisdom adds to the richness of the apssage of time.
  21. Music. The act of writing a song for Linds (under the tutelage of Trevor!) was mind-expanding in and of itself; practising and playing regularly has offered completely new horizons. This will continue!