Top of mind

The desire for connection is a strong one for me. I seek a state of openness where I can be receptive to the connections that seem to appear as energy of some form or another. Part of this state of openness is taking action on random thoughts that bubble to the surface; thinking of someone? Call them and check in. Hearing a random song in your head? Pull it up on your music source and listen to the album.

Last week I put the original Weezer album on after hearing a song in my head. Its 1994 era sounds were raw and beyond familiar, its lyrics sometimes inducing a wince, but the nostalgic effect was to surface thoughts and feelings of years past.

I tend to believe that this a good thing, processing and shedding the past to make way for the future. I also believe in the practice of being open to connection, which holds a distinction from the action/reaction cycle that also often involves random thought bubbling to the surface.

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